AD3 Yard Cover by Coconut Grove Sails

Coconut Grove Sails

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This is truly the top of the line catamaran cover! 

These covers are made using Weathermax 80 cloth, which is a breathable, UV stable Acrylic. The stitching is done with Goretex thread that lasts so long you shouldn't need to get the cover restitched during its life. The zippers are all marine zippers, also UV stable, with plastic cars that don't corrode and won't scratch the boat.

If your environment is warm or humid, this cover breathes and will make sure that moisture is not trapped under the boat, possibly leading to blisters or other moisture issues. You'll also note the benefits of Weathermax both when you feel the weight of the cover, and see how it holds up.

Upon ordering we'll contact you to confirm a few measurements to make sure your cover fits your boat as closely as possible. 

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